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Back to Basics - Java File Downloader
Back in the earlier days, our site used a Java applet based file downloader. Since almost all of the visitors back then were using Windows, it later transitioned to a windows only application. However, it is evident that both Mac and Linux users have grown considerably since then. As a result, the site is once again using a file downloader based on Java. The beauty of Java is that it is operating system independent, and as long you have Sun's Java Machine, the program should work.

The downloader is still very much in its early stages, and I plan to again add some sort of queuing system. If anything, I would like to add it to the album downloads so that it's simply a single click to get every single track.

If anyone is experiencing any difficulties or have any suggestions, please leave a comment in this thread.

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Posted by StOrmCatz on

Forum Software Upgraded
The engine driving our forum has been updated. The skin at this time is a little generic, but that can be worked out later. If anyone is experiencing any difficulties with the new system, please let me know.

The BBCode for YouTube videos have been changed to require the whole link to the video as opposed to just the ID. I will be adding support for other video sites soon.

A whole bunch of interesting new tools and options are now available, so I suggest checking that all your profile settings are correct.

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Posted by StOrmCatz on

Dead Fantasy and the Video Game Girl!
For those who have not been keeping up with the Dead Fantasy series, it has come to my attention that the creator has finally released the continuation of Dead Fantasy I and II

Dead Fantasy III:

Dead Fantasy IV:

A thought: Is it me, or do the character models look slightly different from the first two?

To conclude this post, here is a gaming related song my friend sent me the other day. It is titled Video Game Girl, and I thought it was rather creative song.

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Posted by StOrmCatz on

**EXPIRED** PS3 Owners: Free Ragdoll Kungfu Game
It has come to my attention that the US PSN store (sponsored by Sprint) is giving away free full versions of Ragdoll Kungfu: Fist of Plastic. This is might be old news for some folks since this is a week long promotion, and ends in just two days (5/21). It kind of looks like a hybrid of Little Big Planet and Smash Brawl.

If you don't live in the US, you will need to create a new PSN account with a US address to get access the the US PSN store.

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Posted by StOrmCatz on

Tales of Phantasia/Symphonia Music Added
Another neat little soundtrack has been added to the site.
It's called Summoning of Spirits, which is really a variety of remixed Tales of Phantasia/Symphonia music. It can be found on the main site, or directly through here.

A note regarding the forum: A friend of mine might be helping out with the forum part of the site in the very near future. This point in time will likely be marked with an update to the forum software, so look out for that.

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Posted by StOrmCatz on

Happy New Year
Just chiming in quickly to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had an amazing year.

Cheers and hooray for 2009!

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Posted by StOrmCatz on

Kirby and Street Fighter Music
First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Did everyone's wishlist get read by Santa?

While everyone is still in a giving/receiving mood, I would like to bring to your attention another 2 new albums that have been added to the site:

Kirby's Adventure: Rise of the Star

Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Blood on the Asphalt

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Posted by StOrmCatz on

Easy Queuing System + 2 New Albums
First of all, I would like to mention the new queuing system added to the site. On the right side there is now a list of files/games that you recently browsed. In addition to that, all the Game IDs are accumulated into one long string which can be copied and pasted into our file downloader. This should not only make queuing multiple files far easier, but it should prove to be extremely useful when downloading Game Music such as these two new additions:

Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream

Radical Dreamers: Thieves of Fate


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Posted by StOrmCatz on

Chrono Trigger Symphonic & Super Street Fighter II HD
I have added 2 new Game albums to the site. Check out the Game Music section on the main site for:

Chrono Trigger Symphonic

Super Street Fighter II HD Remix

Both definitely get my seal of approval. :-D

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Posted by StOrmCatz on

GP: Calling for Suggestions + EarthBound 2 Translation
I feel that GP needs to expand its scope into the next generation, and I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions. Let it be updates on current game releases or as impossible as including ps3 emulation (atleast at this time) - I would love to hear what you have to say.

In other news, I'm sure we have some EarthBounds fans visiting this site. As a fan, I'm sure you also remember how frustrated you were when they announced that MOTHER 3/EarthBound 2 was not going to be ported to the US. Well, that tormenting feeling can finally be alleviated. A group of fans has finished translating the game and has released their goodness. A spoiler filled video can be found below, and the translation patch can be found at their website:


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Posted by StOrmCatz on

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